1. Wow indeed, these stats are crazy wierd.

  2. interesting but kind of sad :c

  3. dont know what ppl see on farmville

  4. I've never played Farmville. But I grew up on a farm, so I think I've seen it all.

  5. haha less bugs on farmville???

  6. I can see this info thing being right, way too many mom's I know that play this crap.

  7. xD nice infos they have there^^

  8. Very interesting post!:-?

  9. i never played this game, looks stupid

  10. very interesting. the sad thing is most people I know that play farmville put in as much or more hours than a farmer does for a real farm.

    If everyone that played farmville spent a hour a day on a farm we would have enough food to feed the world!

  11. Lots of information posted thanks. Good post.

  12. Soon farmville is going to take over the world lol

  13. If only those 70 million hours a week of farmville were spent on actual farms, we could help stop world hunger

  14. these games are making so much money it's unreal

  15. kinda dumb if you think about it...the game i mean.

  16. The 200% number is STAGGERING.

  17. That's crazy! I don't get how they can make more money than facebook, but info-graphics don't lie!

  18. Haha, very hard to believe

  19. wow indeed. i used to play farmville a lot but it just gets boring really fast...

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