First post + picture!


This is a blog where we'll draw together. I'll post the first part of the drawing, then in the comments you can tell me what you want to see next! First part of the drawing is a head, and I felt like making it green. :P So in the comments, you can either tell me what you think of the idea, or tell me what you want me to add next!


  1. I sense something big coming up.

  2. another circle at the right of the first !

  3. i whant to see an happy face :)
    funny blog,i will follow

  4. A cowboy hat

    Great Idea for a blog btw! Love it! Following

  5. Congratulations on your first post!

  6. I like the idea, and I second the mustache as the next piece! This should be interesting.

  7. Sun. It needs sunlight.

  8. I'd like to see the number 7

  9. Really good first post!

  10. All of the above! haha, or just a moustache.

  11. Let's go with cowboy hat or long hair.

  12. srs skills right there

  13. gonna go with the cowboy hat ;)

  14. simple modern art, il take 20!

  15. I bet that good advertising would help you sell this picture for several millions ; P

  16. Aww what a cute idea!

    Turn it into a peace sign.
    And then add psychedelic sun rays.
    Yesssss! :D

  17. i like it! give it a snakelike body

  18. mroe circles!

  19. Awesome triangles bya mile.

  20. A huge belly colored neon green!with little floppy arms on the sides, then put a wheelchair he's in a wheelchair

  21. Let's see a monocle on that thing.

  22. The last supper!!! that would be awesome

  23. I want him to have dreadlocks.

  24. A green snowman!
    No, but seriously, a monocle.

  25. LOL i like the last supper idea!

    thanks for commenting on my blog and clicking around.

    looking forward to more

  26. I like where this is going...

  27. Very nice picture! Looking forward to more.

  28. post more! im interested in what you going to develop this into =D

  29. I'm voting for some horns

  30. the background should be BK lol

  31. sweet picture, come check out some of my pictures on my blog! lots of cute kitties ;)

  32. Vote for some creepy eyes!

  33. Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!

  34. Perhaps a pair of shoes and a face?

  35. Maybe rubber boots and a silly hat?

  36. I think it needs a really prominent nose.

  37. Interesting idea! Draw another head!

  38. everiting is better with lasers

  39. Ha ha I love it.. add another arm!

  40. NINJA!!! I remember getting high and watching these flicks.

  41. id suggest u ad a limit to comments in your blog because the pic is gonna get confusing :D

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