1. Very neat!
    Post more neat pictures like this.
    I love the visual arousal I receive when my eyes glance at a variety of colors, all clustered about a canvas.

  2. That is really intense. o.o

  3. My god.. This is a really cool way to show all the colors!

  4. Great post! keep up the good blogging!

  5. Whoa, that's pretty awesome.

  6. That's a new way of seeing it.

  7. that's cool.
    guys at xkcd just rock

  8. Looks like a mountain range of rainbows

  9. ive no idea what this is, but it sure looks awesome.

  10. Im colorblind i cant see all of those colors, well i confuse them atleast...

  11. Wow, that's an interesting (and informative!) picture

  12. Hell yeah great post love it.

  13. The waves of colors look awesome!

  14. looks like a mountains where unicorns dwell

  15. as said above.. very tripppyyy lol

  16. that looks beautiful! :0

  17. I'd love to go for a swim in that awesome pool of colors.

  18. Wow...this is so beautiful!Love it!xoxo

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