1. lol, thanks to god I needn't

  2. 300-500 years to decompose and 8 bilion diapers a year? Soon we will be neck deep in diapers :D

  3. Some prohibitive factors with cloth diapers are time, water, and energy (human and electrical) it takes to clean them.

  4. i dont want to have kids :D

  5. This was secretly an add for CLOTH DIAPERS! I feel used! Naw jk, crazy facts though. I had no idea about how much diapers we use all the time*GASP*

  6. i get to sell diapers and pickup used ones.....

  7. "if disposable diapers were never invented, there would be 16 million more tree on this planet" holy shit!! :o
    thank god i don't have to buy diapers. they're way too expensive.

  8. Okay, I didn't know they had to be emptied first.

    Why are babbies so complicated

  9. I guess the dispose in toilet law is one of the ones that doesn't get enforced.

  10. i hope i dont have to deal with diapers ever

  11. lol, dealing with 2 in diapers right now. we seriously considered cloth diapers. turns out the environmental impact of disposable diapers is not much greater than cloth diapers when you factor in the energy used to clean them (if you are using electric washing machines) and the water used. After we explored this impact and factored in our costs for the above as well as our time in cleaning them, we found it was more economically viable (and similarly environmentally viable - look it up!) to go with disposable. I don't think this graphic's figures take into account cloth diaper's impact to our water shortage and electrical grid.

  12. I'm never having babies but if I did I don't think think I could go the cloth route myself.

  13. Kids.. yeah who needs them :D

  14. Holy shit, that is a lot of diapers. I never want to have kids, thankfully

  15. wow! who knew!? cool blog ill be following you :)

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