1. I love that show. got kinda sick of the reruns though. That pic is neat!

  2. I do like the sho, it;s funny :)

  3. Not the biggest fan of the new episodes, but yeah, I do watch it a lot.

  4. I watch it from time to time.

  5. Futurama rocks. I put this as my wallpaper.

  6. the picture is cool however I haven't seen the show

  7. I like some episodes :)

  8. Meh, not as excited about this as I would be with one of the Simpsons ones. Many Futurama characters never show up that often. But then, the universe is much bigger a setting than Springfield or even Earth.

  9. started off good then,,,,

  10. my bro has the simpsons one...

  11. Yeah I saw the simpsons one as well, don't really like futurama though.

  12. futurama was fucking sick. Oh well, it's over now

  13. nice wallpaper, futurama have his nice things

  14. Spent a long time trying to name every character, theres a few i couldnt :(

  15. I used to be a fan, stopped watching it a few years ago though.

  16. i like the first season of futurama. new one, not that great.

  17. I love this show, its so fun with Lila

  18. Used to watch it, now I don't have that much time anymore. great pic though. must have been a lot of work to get them all together.

  19. I couldn't find fry :/ nice pic though

  20. I really... REALLY LOVE Futurama!!! I can remember the most of characters on that picture!

  21. its like the picture of the simpsons!

  22. never been a huge fan of futurame...Family guy is the best. Nice pic tho :D

  23. This is a really good show.

  24. I love Futurama and this picture too.

  25. I use to watch that show lots before, i got tired of it eventually. Nice post, brings back memories

  26. Futurama! Now, I got myself another thing to lurk at in every possible way *online and tv*. :D buy aion accounts

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