1. Im the Soldier position. Im an ex Yearner lol. Followed.

  2. i am a mix between Foetus and log. One leg up and the other straight with my bottom arm under my head :)

  3. haha my position is hybrid of the foetus and freefaller!

  4. i'm not sure...i think im a mix of everything (i dont watch myself while i sleep :P)

  5. freefaller! i just can't sleep in any other position.

  6. Guess I'ma mix of the foetus and the log, I'm not that original :(

  7. Nice, but what does each mean? I think that there is a meaning to how you sleep...

  8. im a combination of yearner + freefall

  9. I think I usually do the soldier, but I wake up like a freefaller.

  10. Another fetus here, I guess that 41 percent is right.

  11. The foetus position, not because I am insecure (though I probably am), but because it seems to be easiest on my back which is always sore because of the obscene amounts of work my slave masters give me at the evil corporation I work for.

  12. i think im a yearner-foetus. i'm an ex-freefaller. :P

  13. I'm like a yearner, but with a pillow between my arms.

  14. Haha, I almost thought this was the other version of this image, either way, I think I'm a yearner.

  15. Everything except freefaller :P

  16. starfish. wake up like that errday with a boner rofl.

  17. Freefaller mostly

  18. not sure. i usually wake up in free faller

  19. Freefaller or foetus ;))

  20. Foetus most of the time.

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