1. looks cool but i won't do it! :)

  2. if you didn't notice you burned your hand lol

  3. I remember learning how this worked a while ago. Something about having a really low temp at which the flame burned.

  4. If i burn myself, im gonna sue you :) Just kidding, cool post, i think im gonna try it :)

  5. ** Warning **
    Do NOT close your hands. That fire is still extremely hot and you can still burn yourself..


  6. that's pretty cool but i definitely won't do it hahah

  7. I wanna try, but I'm scared of burning my hand.

  8. This is awesome! Can't wait for more posts

  9. i rather not make this

  10. Ahhhh that sounds painful yet COOL! It would be nice if they explained every step though, like why they needed that thread!

  11. It'll be fun juggling with these, but dangerous at the same time lol

  12. It's just something about it, being able to hold something so dangerous in your hands is just plain ol' awesome.

  13. definely i won't do it!

  14. awesome! I gotta try this this summer.

  15. Lets be honest here, if you didn't want people to try it you wouldnt post it in the first place. Im sure half of the people who read this are going to try it, myself included :p

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