1. cananda = america's hat

  2. I want to visit AUST-RALIA. Sounds exotic. :P

  3. @Daniel - I never noticed France being labeled twice! Maybe it's just to fill a space.

  4. iceland will be alone forever ^^

  5. That's awesome! I gotta save this and flaunt it around the internet. Cool stuff!

  6. Lol that's a great graphic.

  7. I've seen this before, bloody good image though.

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  9. this is so cool! poor fiji, all alone :(

  10. Nice pic. I like it, keep it up mate! :)

  11. great pic. i think ive seen it before

  12. Always luv me a map, and I think Russia's still way to big of a country

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  14. Ooo, inner typography nerd squeeing all over this!

  15. according to the titles.. canada and russia are the biggest :D

  16. Good read, have a great weekend!

  17. is this something you did? who made this?

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