1. apples are delicious! i usually eat fuji apples

  2. i had no idea that there's this many variation of apples! :0

  3. I eat the hell out of Fuji apples, but that is because they are cheap. I can't buy those fancy, rich people apples. :P

  4. i love me some granny apples!

  5. i'm allergic to apples...and macs too^^

  6. Gala's are where it's at.

  7. Grannys smith is the apple of choice

  8. Granny smith everytime

  9. I'll have to side with Fuji apples.

  10. Hmm I wonder if its true.

  11. hehehe my wife had me print this off ;)

  12. Very cool info thank you!

  13. i don't really know the name of my favorite one, but nice picture!

  14. probably the green one. i have a thing for green things

  15. Love golden delicious apples

  16. I like both the sweetest and the tartest - Fuji just for snacking on, and Granny Smith for caramel apples!

  17. yup, they're apples

    i hate apples

  18. they all practically taste the same though

  19. im a red delicious kind of guy

  20. Fuji apples are delicious!

  21. I dont like apples so much but I love apple tarts.

  22. I'm a golden delicious kind of guy.

  23. granny smiths are the shit

  24. way cool! impossible to find all!

  25. i had no idea there were that many different types of apples

  26. I didn't know the names of all of these apples either

  27. best fruit out. i call them all "apple" regardless of type

  28. Gotta be granny smith, my favourite ;D

  29. i like golden delicious as well

  30. All about granny smith apples :D

  31. I like cooking them :) Red delicious for noms

  32. what?

    You can eat all apple fresh?

  33. suuuper intersting! Followed, man!

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