1. Haha, nice info. :D

  2. Never heard about it, good info.

  3. Holy crap man, $1 billion in 1 day. Insane.

  4. alot of figures. im more excited about summer

  5. 1.2 billion on candy... what a waste !

  6. I love random info like this

  7. My god....
    That is a dentists dream! :P

  8. wow that's impressive :0

  9. I wonder how exactly they clocked Santa going that fast?

  10. very interesting numbers

  11. that'ssssssss a lot of money and trash

  12. this looks pretty ridic xD

  13. I haven't had a candy cane in forever. I want one now.

  14. And how many people are still using or even remember what they got for Christmas?

  15. everybody love getting gifts

  16. Money. Consumerism. DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM

  17. I love Egg Nogg ;) A good 30 pounds of that is all me baby ;)

  18. insane amount of CA$H!

  19. Damn now thats alot of dough, but christmas in June?

  20. Thanks for sharing this! :) followed

  21. It makes me sad to see the Kinect doing so well. I played with at a friends house for about 3 hours one night. I HATED it... never gonna replace a real controller for me.

  22. That's awesome. I bet if Africa wasn't so poor that number would triple. :D

  23. cool info. I wonder what this year's top selling gift will be.

  24. interesting blog, following you!

  25. Wow, insane numbers!

  26. Its not even close to CHristmas yet lol.

  27. I am a cheapskate, I spend nothing on Xmas!

  28. Today everything is money. :/

  29. It IS the season of consumerism. Best way to honor Jesus imo

  30. Its so hot outside, I wish it was Christmas! :P

    Keep up the great post! I'm about to post an infovideo! That should be interesting!

  31. Wow...this is insane!Didn t know this fact!

  32. crazy numbers, your blog looks great now...I should change my layout too but I'm too lazy

  33. Hahahaha, wow, interesting facts. I want christmas now, but currently I have no feelings for winter. xD

    BTW, I will try to pick things that supports the US too. ^^

  34. wow that is so much candy!

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