1. infographics are great, very nice one

  2. I like the work on the typo !

  3. what if i were to take a different printer? :P

  4. if it would only take 6 minutes, there should be a day where everyone would print a page and have a physical index of the internet

  5. can't say that i disagree

  6. Agree or Disagree? well, there is alot of information that is and is not accounted for so it may take longer or shorter, my bet is longer. :)

  7. that's a cool infographic

  8. Who prints things anymore? I mean really, when is a hardcopy actually needed for anything?

  9. Love theoretical facts like that.

  10. What a neat infographic! It really reminds me of a graph I saw about the flow of information being hosted on the internet and how in recent years there has been a huge shift from text to video. I wonder how long it would take to "print" if you included videos.

  11. Haha, lol, very interesting info. Thanks for the share!

  12. we assuming a4 sized paper right?

  13. but why would you print the internet?

  14. I seen this chart like a year ago, i'm sure those numbers are a lot bigger now

  15. its amazing how fast splitting it up makes it

  16. ...and someone would make an absolute killing from selling overpriced printer ink.

  17. Oh wow, that's incredible.

  18. Wow impressive, thats alot of time. but 6 minutes and 36 seconds for all the knowledge in the world? seems fair to me.

  19. It is not as big as people think

  20. Wow that's crazy Nice Infographic.

  21. that means you can't do it on your own, but with your countrymans

  22. i agree people can do amazing stuff together but that doesnt happen too often =\

  23. How much is a portion though? The internet is huge so that could mean around 500 pages or soemthing

  24. wow this is pretty cool. followed ;)

  25. that pretty cool. how many pages does the internet have anyways?

  26. that technology hasn't been around that long in the first place lol!!

  27. Hot damn. Teamwork does kick ass. o_o

  28. Wait, that's not fair. It seems like the Babylonians only had one inkjet printer, but every American was given one each. I call shenanigans.

  29. I didn't know the ancient babylonians invented printers! I kid. Seriously awesome infographic makes you think..

  30. wow. that's a grip of ink

  31. i want my 36 seconds back :P

  32. haha def makes you think. i like it!

  33. You have more of this pictures? :) Update with them!

  34. You post nice pics! Keep it up!

  35. i love this type of infographics

  36. Cant image my life without one of those, seriously.

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