1. ^good for everyday encounters

  2. i hate slappy handshakes

  3. I hate people who try to break your hand dwhile handshaking

  4. My handshakes are so girly. Although some boys do crush every bone in my hand when they shake it. :( Need a happy medium! ^.^

  5. i laughed at the PH formula. texture of hand 1-5 made me laugh. good post though!

  6. Damn straight I give a good handshake.

  7. Don't you hate the awkward handshakes when you grab only like the fingers and it feels weird

  8. Sadly i know several people i want to e-mail this to.

  9. I'm doing right and that pic made me think whats Chevrolet after.

  10. Lol yeah the finger shake is awkward!

  11. that feel when i have exactly handshake like in the pic.
    I hate guys who give handshake as a cunt, just brushing someone's hand.

  12. I have a business meeting tonight, this may be useful :D

  13. Good info, a handshake can make or break when you meet someone.

  14. A good handshake goes a long way!

  15. ...does anyone really need this?

  16. this is bullshit, doesn't apply in real life

  17. I hate awkward shakes, its usually my fault and its always embarrassing.
    Great Post!

  18. If you're a sales person, you need this.

  19. While I agree with some of you that are questioning when you would need this, it's definitely a good thing to know.

  20. Good infographic. 80% of the people I've shook hands with in the past just do limp noodles all the time. Freaks me out because of how fragile their hands felt. :P

  21. This is definitely good to know.

  22. I have problems with eye contact. I can't look at people in the eyes if they're looking at me :/

  23. this is good to know...everyone should know this! Im tired of shaking wimpy hands...

  24. I'm at a point in life where handshakes make or break a business relationship, practice makes perfect!

  25. There is nothing worse than the 'dead fish' handshake.

  26. I don't know any good handshakes.

  27. this should be taught in schools

  28. i shall keep this in mind for interviews!

  29. a wet handshake is horrible

  30. Im gna bear this in mind! ;D

  31. Yes, I'm doing it right.

  32. A bad handshake can make you lose face. I'm careful about this !

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