1. I am now an expert on fireworks! Haha, thanks for this.

  2. Cool, always wanted to know how they worked! Would it be possible to make one yourself?

  3. haha nice. But to bad its far from simple to make some :P

  4. i did not know about the report charge.
    i learned something today :D

  5. oh cool i like learning things like this.

  6. Effing badass fireworks. Sheet. I want some.

  7. I learnt something today at least :D

  8. great infogrphyc, keep em coming

  9. Great, now I want to go buy some.

  10. i didnt know fireworks were so complicated!

  11. Awesome, keep up these posts, I'm loving them.

  12. I love me some fireworks. Too bad I dont have any.


  13. wow i loe fireworks especially the dangeroujs ones which can kill you

  14. Nice insight on fireworks can't wait til Fourth of July!

  15. Ah the smell of gunpowder in the mor...mid afternoon. Happy Face fireworks are the best.

  16. Having made things like this ins the past, learning a new technique is pretty cool! Hopefully I'll have the chance to use it someday.

  17. Very interesting pic, thanks for the share :D

  18. really cool, also cool blog, followed

  19. I gotta print this out for 4th of July.

  20. i like those fireworks that you just throw and they pop on contact with the floor!

  21. everybody loves fireworks :D

  22. BTW...also made you blog of the day.

  23. Great info, like always.

  24. ... i just like watching stuff blow up

  25. I like normal sparklers! cant beat the classics ;D

  26. really really interesting

  27. pretty neat. one of these things once nearly exploded in my face.

  28. i don't like to play with fireworks :)

    btw like your blog

  29. Whoah, this is actually really cool.

  30. Am I the only one who doesn't like fireworks? I just think they're boring. Still informative though.

  31. Awesome post man! great blog!

  32. I'd never realised I previously had no ieda how fireworks work.

  33. Its amazing, and get more amazing when you consider they were made in ancient china.

  34. Thanks for the info, I like fireworks.

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