1. ahah this is so wrong :P

  2. I wish I could the faces of the idiots who try this :D

  3. Haha nice :D Should give it a try :D

  4. nice haha, but wouldnt you feel the difference if you had to pass the dice?

  5. Make sure everyone has their own pair so you don't have to pass them. :P

  6. Ha ha very very cool!
    This would make an amazing life hack but because you did it I will not ;)

    Rock on bro!

  7. Wow does this really work??

  8. Yes it works! Give it a try.

  9. I've seen this before, cool stuff!

  10. LOL this is great! Time to play some board games >:)

  11. But everybody uses the same dice!

  12. Have a Monopoly party and tell people it's a 'BYOD Party'.

    BYOD = Bring your own dice


  13. I've seen this before, but I'm not really sure if this is for real or just a trolling attempt, lol.

  14. Only one way to find out - give it a try! :P

  15. Nice, would need some slight of hand to switch them out when you pass them.

  16. Ive seen this before, it really does work.. :)

  17. Oh fuck. This isn't dangerous? O: lol

  18. Nice trick, maybe I'll try it to hustle people.

  19. hhhm, I'll try it just for fun. I'm sure it'd work on your friends, but wouldn't suggest taking them to the poker shack.

  20. Oh my God I am so going to do this c:

  21. Good stuff! I don't think imma risk this though

  22. Wow, that is a pretty neat trick, just hope that I won't burn the plastic.

  23. hmmm, ima gonna make clothes bets with some of the college girls now =D

  24. interesting but how do you win if everyone uses your dice, can you bring you own dice to a dice game?

  25. would that work in d10?

  26. I doubt that this works.

  27. haha gonna have some fun with monopoly now

  28. Great, havent tried it though

  29. this seems a bit... dicey. ;)

  30. hahaha its so easy, never heard about it.

  31. i thought that was a cats hand putting them in the oven

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  33. Hahaha that would be really cool if that worked.

  34. Supercool, il never loose now :D

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