1. Yeah sometimes difficult to find plus always standing on the pieces lol. I remember it well lol.

  2. Oh man, the absolute truth

  3. Or never knowing what to do with those red wedge shaped pieces.

  4. Nice but I never stepped on them really :O

  5. So true. In my case though, I doubt this is true for anyone other than my own siblings, I associate the smell of ground black pepper with Legos. We would always store the bricks in those large industrial size tubs after we'd used all the spice.

    Nice blog, keep it up! (^_^)-b

  6. hahahahah very true. it happened to me all the time!

  7. being to lazy to build it properly

  8. i like walk on legos :f

  9. Ahhh Legos one of my biggest child hood memories spent and the last part is so true lol

  10. the orange part filled up most of my lego times

  11. I kept losing the goddamn instructions arghsaghsf

  12. oh, I think the green part over did me stepping on them though lol

  13. yeah, now i dread my daughters pulling that shit out just for that reason.

  14. That's the first that popped into my head when I saw this pic, stepping on em.

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